I practically grew up in the kitchen helping my mother bake and decorate goodies. At a young age, I watched her meticulously decorate cakes over very long days. She took great care in making sure those cakes got to her customers in one piece. I remember times when the whole family would pile into one vehicle, each one of us holding a tier to a wedding cake, if one of us moved the slightest we would get ‘the eye’! It’s funny now thinking about it, but truth be told, I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to someday make cakes of my own to be proud of.

I started baking and decorating cakes when I was in the third grade, my mother as my guide. She taught me everything I know. How to make frosting, what decorating tips to use, how to layer cakes….the list goes on. Here’s a photo of me holding my very first cake.

My first customers, however, were my own kids. Baking and decorating each birthday cake based on their theme of chosing. I remember doing Barney, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Scooby Doo, various cars, hockey (I even took a stab at doing the Stanley Cup). Here are a few photos….

Over the years I went to college and moved on to the corporate world where my main job is environmental, health and safety. Although I love what I do, I decided it wasn’t enough. Baking is still my passion, so here I am doing what I love again. I hope to meet you someday and create something special for you and your family to enjoy!